I’m a PostDoc in the Molecular Ecology Group at the University of Würzburg. As a fellow of the Graduate School of Life Sciences I started my PhD in July 2014 and finished in December 2017.

My research interests are the development and application of algorithms, tools and workflows to generate knowledge from biological data. I want to use the vast amount of publicly available data and software to unravel some of life’s mysteries. I believe in open source, open data, open science and reproducible research. Currently my focus is on genomics and molecular biodiversity.


  • PostDoc, Molecular Ecology Group, University of Würzburg (present)
  • PhD, Life Sciences, University of Würzburg (2017)
  • BSc, Informatics, University of Würzburg (2015)
  • MSc, Biology, University of Würzburg (2014)
  • BSc, Biology, University of Würzburg (2012)



  • Software Development - JavaScript / PHP / HTML
  • Data Analysis - Perl / R / HPC
  • Bioinformatics - Genomics / Transcriptomics / Phylogenetics / Molecular Ecology
  • Social - Teamwork / Supervision / Project Management
  • Interests - Docker / Algorithms / Penetration Testing / Machine Learning


  • Fellwoships

    • 2014-2017 Fellow of the Graduate School of Life Sciences (GSLS) Würzburg (German Excellence Initiative)
    • 2012-2014 Deutschlandstipendium (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany)

  • Awards

    • 2015 Award for excellent bachelor studies and outstanding thesis (Faculty of Informatics, University of Würzburg, Germany)
    • 2012 Award for excellent bachelor thesis (Faculty of Biology, University of Würzburg, Germany)
    • 2008 Siemenspreis for the best natural science university entrance diploma (Siemens Stiftung, Munich, Germany)

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